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Around the World

Team Name: Around the World

IDEAS Project Pitch: Creating value stems from understanding the problem rather than motivation for implementing a technology. This proposal attempts to explain the necessity of proper problem identification and its link to creating system value. We would like to propose a first of its kind travel company and accompanying support system at understanding problems and creating awareness around achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Our proposal is to offer educational/experience travel and training opportunities for students and professionals, aimed at creating awareness for environmentally sustainable solutions such as (but not limited to) renewable energy, smart cities, organic farming, effective waste management etc. A major part of this initiative is to build corporate, social and business partnerships with stakeholders to enable the field visits, design thinking and training activities for students, educators and industry professionals at selected facilities in order to identify the problem of that society which needs to be addressed.

Sectors: Education & Training, Energy & Environment

Project Location: Boston, USA