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Team Name: Excelerate

IDEAS Project Pitch: Excelerate is a flexible, highly engaging blended learning model that supports students who are behind academically or left school. Excelerate’s platform assesses students, identifies their current level in key subjects and creates a remedial program at a low cost globally. Excelerate moves educational content to low cost tablets, and empowers instructors, who coach and mentor students as they progress through learning. The goal, to broaden access, lower costs, and improve the quality of secondary education for disadvantaged youth in low-income countries with English-medium schools.

Excelerate delivers education through mobile resource centers. We partner with existing schools that seek to reincorporate struggling students and students who have missed substantial time. We leverage data, technology, and research to deliver a world-class learning environment that tailors content to individual student needs.

Our program is able to accommodate part-time students, and small villages without secondary schools, including off-grid locations. Our solution can be led by a generalist teacher / coach who need not be a master of all secondary school subjects, thereby helping address the massive shortage of qualified teachers at the upper secondary level.

Sectors: Education & Training

Project Location: Kisumu, Kenya