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Team Name: BlockchainsForSchools

IDEAS Project Pitch: The blockchain industry has a growing generation gap; many students are finding it difficult to find support, access resources, and learn about blockchain technology as it is not institutionalized; any university resources for the industry exists in university labs and student clubs. At the high school level, this support is practically nonexistent. BlockchainsForSchools was founded in order to address this gap; among its programs, a blockchain-focused hackathon is currently being organized. Open to both high school and college students, this hackathon promises to be the first of its kind in allowing students to explore use cases of the technology firsthand. In an attempt to improve diversity in the hackathon, we are currently launching a travel reimbursement program that allows hackers, especially from underrepresented backgrounds, to travel to the hackathon.

Sectors: Education & Training, Finance, Employment & Entrepreneurship

Project Location: New York, NY, USA