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Team Name: Empact

IDEAS Project Pitch: Every day we bring products into our homes, but do you remember the last time you knew how they came to be? Some items are produced in ways that cause more energy waste than others, but when consumers are deciding between two similar items, the most energy conscious choice is not easily apparent. We at Empact believe in empowering people to make their own choice; each purchasing decision is an opportunity to save energy. We want consumers to be able to unlock transparent information about a product’s start-to-end energy footprint journey. This starts by enhancing the value of the simple barcodes already on products by leveraging data from existing sources. We're developing an app and web-based extension to let you see the energy footprint score and supply chain of each product. In addition to tracking your own choices, you can also see the ranking of your purchasing decisions when compared to your friends and learn tips about energy saving in a fun manner, raising more awareness about the little things we all can do to save energy. Our generation is unafraid of making decisions that shape the future of our planet, and together, we can make our energy footprints smaller.

Sectors: Agriculture & Food, Education & Training, Energy & Environment, Other Cool Stuff

Project Location: Zurich, Switzerland & Cambridge, MA, USA