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Covalent Communities Round 1

Team Name: Covalent Communities

IDEAS Project Pitch: Less than 20% of Baltimore City Public School students meet or exceed grade level expectations on Math or English annual assessments. Due to constraints imposed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), after school programs provided by third parties are unable to access student academic records. Consequently, these programs are unable to provide individualized instruction during their 7.5 hours of weekly academic support.
Covalent Communities is an EdTech company that partners with public schools and after school programs to develop individualized learning plans for underperforming students. The learning plan is aligned to the Baltimore City Public Schools Math or English curriculum and developed based on the current capabilities of each student. Covalent Communities allows after school service providers to shift the focus of their academic support from homework assistance to grade level skill development. Moreover, Covalent Communities enables after school service providers to measure the efficacy of their academic support initiatives.
Measuring the efficacy of after school academic programs empowers school administrators to make informed decisions about the allocation of funds provided by state and federal grants to improve student academic outcomes.

Sectors: Education & Training

Project Location: Baltimore, Maryland