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Team Name: CON-DE

IDEAS Project Pitch: Many of the world’s cities are at risk from disasters both natural and man-made. While architects and engineers generate solutions that provide protection from earthquakes, typhoons, wildfires and warfare - destruction remains an inevitable possibility. In the aftermath of such disasters, cities find a way to restore their infrastructure. However, many cities in developing nations lack the wealth and resources to rebuild from scratch.

Spolia is a term that refers to the architectural fragments in existing or demolished buildings that are repurposed for new construction. This is an ancient practice that has existed since the beginnings of the roman empire. We intend to use new technology to bring Spolia into a modern context. Rather than removing architectural detritus and starting fresh, we propose an enabling technology and machinery that is capable of visually and structurally sorting through rubble to process materials than can be repurposed for new construction.

Sectors: Housing & Transportation

Project Location: Palu, Indonesia; San Juan, Puerto Rico USA; Detroit, USA; Aleppo, Syria