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Integration Lab Round 1

Team Name: Integration Lab

IDEAS Project Pitch: Traditional approaches to refugee response need rethinking. As ballooning forced displacement stretches the capacity of humanitarian response, it has become obvious that status quo response strategies are not sufficient. The Integration Lab concept aims to increase the human-centricity of refugee policy by fostering interaction and understanding between key stakeholders, including refugees and asylum seekers, policy makers, sector experts, civil society and academia. By creating workshops and spaces for collaboration, Integration Lab builds concrete channels for including refugee voices, both empowering refugees and helping policymakers better understand refugee experiences to improve the human-centricity of refugee response. The benefits of better-informed and better-designed policy not only impact refugees and asylum seekers, but also touch host countries and the societies that refugees will one day return to.

Sectors: Civic Engagement & Policy , Emergency & Disaster Relief

Project Location: Berlin, Germany