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Team Name: solveIT

IDEAS Project Pitch: We empower grass-root initiatives to solve 80% of the world’s public affair/community problems easier and faster, and get rewarded. Our solution will provide a platform for people to constructively raise their concerns in a private and cryptographically secure manner. Then, if they choose to, they can be revealed to or matched to people nearby facing similar problems. The platform will then provide tools to organize meetings, share tips, start petitions or funding campaigns, thus enabling people to collectively voice their concern. On the other side, we envision a market where anyone can sign up to take the lead to solve a problem and get rewarded by the funding campaign. The solution may or may not involve governments, but governments can nonetheless benefit from our platform by learning about concerns of its constituents. Key components in my project include using machine learning (especially natural language processing) to match people's concerns, cryptographically secure system for privacy protection, and economic mechanism design to mitigate the "free-riding" problem.

Sectors: Civic Engagement & Policy

Project Location: Initially Boston, eventually around the world