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SXT Health CIC (Text4Health) #2

Team Name: SXT (formerly Text4Health)

IDEAS Project Pitch: SXT plans to support countries to address sexually transmitted infection (STI) epidemics. The anonymous partner notification (PN) tool enables patients with a new STI diagnosis to anonymously inform sexual contacts about their risk of the infection, the signposting tool identifies a local appropriate service and the booking module ensures linkage to care for these key at risk patients. Up to one third of partners of someone with an STI are found to have an infection and the majority of these individuals are unaware that they are infected and are part of the public health problem. Each day 1 million STI infections are diagnosed and the majority with silent infections are not diagnosed. The UK data shows that this digital approach is able to half the staff time to double the number of partners who are being seen and tested. The real-time data from this cloud-based service provides insights for responsive public health action. Success with IDEAS will provide SXT with the support, mentorship and know how to translate the proven tool for use in Ghana in the first instance and then begin to support other countries across the African continent to address STI epidemics and support getting to zero HIV.

Sectors: Health & Assistive Technologies

Project Location: Accra, Ghana