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Deep Sea Chess - Round 2

Team Name: Deep Sea Chess

IDEAS Project Pitch: Chess is becoming a compulsory lesson in K-3 education worldwide (ie. Poland, Armenia, etc) ; therefore, the market size for an early childhood chess curriculum/app is around 130 million children per year. Several leading continental and national chess federations have expressed their interested in creating a global chess-in-schools platform and curriculum that would reach to millions of children weekly through the national school systems. Ideally, there should be also an elective topic in K9-K12 education where chess, AI, history of puzzles, and evolution of languages are taught through a coding curriculum. We can start this project with a pilot project either in Cambridge/Boston area or as a pilot project of the Pan-American Chess Confederation in Mexico. Alternatively, we can follow the footsteps of the successful edtech non-profits, such as, which mostly started with indiegogo/kickstarter fundraising campaigns.

I am a leading social entrepreneur in the chess-in-school ecosystem. Previously, I have played as the first board of MIT's chess team and also held draws against the world chess champions Kasparov and Karpov. Recently, my students have won medals in World and European Youth and School Chess championships. I also taught at a school where chess was compulsory in the K-3 grades.

Sectors: Education & Training

Project Location: Cambridge, MA, USA