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Video Bridges

Team Name: Video Bridges

IDEAS Project Pitch: Video Bridges is an app that uses widely available, simple to use technology to help seniors suffering
from memory loss remain independent for as long as possible. Video Bridges provides a
caregiver with a simple and straightforward way of creating fully customized video reminders
to bridge the gaps of information necessary to safely perform activities of daily living. The user-friendly technology that we
enjoy every day in all aspects of our
lives becomes cluttered and difficult
to navigate as we get older. In order
for technology to be truly helpful for
seniors suffering from memory loss,
we must strip applications down to an
interface that is extremely simple to
use. Video Bridges relies on the caregiver
taking the time to set up the application
in a way that will be most useful
for the user. It is fully customizable
so that the user will be able to take
full advantage of the reminders to live
a more independent life. Independence gives seniors a sense of purpose. They have opportunities
for achievement, can contribute to the lives of their family, friends, and neighbors, and enjoy activities that they’ve always done.

Sectors: Health & Assistive Technologies

Project Location: Boston MA, Burlington VT, USA