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MyPath Global #2

Team Name: MyPath Global

IDEAS Project Pitch: In Kenya, ~51% of university graduates are believed to be unfit for the job market. Of the women in this group 30% are less likely to be considered for a job interview compared to men with the same skill. It is clear that there is a huge gap between the expected employment requirements and the technical capabilities that young graduate women possess. A recent national survey revealed that more than three-quarters of Kenyans are below age 35. The population has doubled in the last 20 years, and this is likely to continue. With a goal to transform Kenya into a middle-income country providing a high quality of life to all of its citizens, the country must find ways to reduce the skill gap and provide additional opportunities for young women to better prepare them for the workforce.

MyPath Global exists to provide young women with the essential technical, business, and personal development skills they need to prepare them for Kenya's competitive workforce. Specifically, MyPath Global would provide: identification and preparation of young women for positions within their communities; a modular approach to build confidence, technical capabilities, and entrepreneurial business skills; and a matching of talent to key employment needs.

Sectors: Education & Training, Finance, Employment & Entrepreneurship

Project Location: Nairobi, Kenya