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Team Name: Floe

IDEAS Project Pitch: Floe is developing an automated, safe, and environmentally-friendly product that can be easily installed on residential and commercial buildings to prevent ice and water damage. Compared to existing solutions, our system offers customers significant cost savings and produces <1% of the emissions. Over the past 3.5 years, we have tested over a dozen devices in 5 US states, and additional studies have been conducted at MIT and with the US Army’s Corp of Engineers. We are planning a beta pilot with 50 IoT-connected patent-pending systems to finalize technology validation and prepare us for launch.

Floe’s system offers homeowners and commercial property owners an alternative to the antiquated, prohibitively expensive solutions on the market, as well as peace of mind from worrying about the extensive damage caused by ice dams. Our product also provides significant environmental benefits compared to the existing, eco-destructive solutions, which will be critical for reducing the effects of climate change and promoting sustainable winter business practices.

Sectors: Energy & Environment, Housing & Transportation, Water & Sanitation, Other Cool Stuff

Project Location: Cambridge, MA, USA