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Team Name: Need-a-Knee

IDEAS Project Pitch: Transfemoral rotators are prosthetic components that allow for medial rotation of the lower leg, vastly improving the quality of life of above-knee amputees through enabling them to sit cross legged, dress themselves, and maneuver in and out of tight spaces. While transfemoral rotators exist at a price point ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars in the developed world, there are few affordable equivalent technologies in the developing world. Through design optimization and material selection, our team has invented a competitive, high-performing rotator (patent pending) available at a fraction of the cost. With an estimated manufacturing cost of less than $10, such a device not only has the potential to impact the lives of the over 9 million above-knee amputees living in the developing world, but to revolutionize the transfemoral rotator markets in the United States and Europe as well.

If awarded an IDEAS grant, we would use the money to conduct further user testing with our community partners Jaipur Foot Organization and Mobility India, and explore local manufacturing options. Additional uses of capital would include assisting us in acquiring international intellectual property rights, preparing for ISO certification, and developing partnerships with potential licensees.

Sectors: Health & Medical

Project Location: (1) Jaipur, India and (2) Bangalore, India