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Team Name: Joro

IDEAS Project Pitch: Over the past few years, new and exciting ventures have started due in large part to the universal adoption of the smartphone and the concurrent development of the Internet-of-Things (IoT). As such, our lives have been equipped with a new network of technology and opportunities. Joro, seeks to leverage this new network to promote increased resource use efficiency by providing highly granular, real-time emission tracking for smartphones. By implementing robust tracking algorithms with strong and effective behavioral engagement strategies, Joro offers a holistic lifestyle solution that can be integrated seamlessly with everyday decision-making to reduce carbon emissions, and usher in a new generation of individual ecological awareness. Moreover, by engaging individuals in ecologically sustainable actions, we aim to spark a bottom-up movement to influence corporate and government policy to create long lasting societal change. With carbon emissions at an all-time high, and an ever-changing political climate, we believe that the decisions of everyday people will play a critical role in bringing about a lasting and sustainable low carbon energy future. Joro is a bottom-up platform strategically designed to foster this vision, and break down the barriers that inhibit individuals, corporations, and governments from engaging in ecologically sustainable behaviours.

Sectors: Education & Training, Energy & Environment, Housing & Transportation, Mobile & Communications

Project Location: Boston, United States of America