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Team Name: Nesterly

IDEAS Project Pitch: Nesterly is an online marketplace that will match university students who need affordable housing with empty-nesters who want to age in place and have extra space in their homes.

Demographic shifts in the U.S. show a larger aging population that needs help around the house, with the senior population projected to double by 2030. Meanwhile, there are 54M empty bedrooms in the U.S. on any given night, and hundreds of millions of spare rooms around the world.

Unlike existing platforms, nesterly recognizes that often hosts do not just need a tenant for financial reasons, but could also use a helping hand. Our platform leverages this untapped market to enable affordable housing to underserved populations, starting with students, by opening a creative exchange of both money and services for housing. This is just a starting point, with the potential to expand both the pools of guests and hosts to include a variety of services from gardening to childcare as the platform expands.

Sectors: Health & Medical, Housing & Transportation

Project Location: Boston, USA