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Team Name: Hey,Charlie

IDEAS Project Pitch: Every year, roughly 20,000 people in the U.S. die from opioid-related overdoses, and for individuals in recovery, there is a 90% relapse rate. Often one of the biggest hindrances to remaining in recovery for opioid addiction is the inability to remove oneself from a social environment that promotes drug use, and as such, we are specifically interested in addressing the social side of addiction. Hey,Charlie is a minimally-invasive behavioral modification platform for individuals in recovery for opioid addiction that utilizes automatic notifications to promote building positive relationships and nudges individuals away from unhealthy relationships and places. We use concepts from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to implement this, and provide targeted feedback to clinicians to help them improve the recovery process. Our progress to date includes development of the mobile platform, extensive patient interviews to design platform features, partnering with MIT's Venture Mentoring Services, pilot initiation, acceptance into PULSE@MassChallenge, and laying the groundwork for partnerships with several other local addiction rehabilitation facilities and clinicians. Our long-term goal is to not only reduce relapse rate and improve the clinical rehabilitation experience, but to also remove the addiction stigma and increase the use of behavioral therapies in addiction treatment.

Sectors: Health & Medical, Mobile & Communications, Other

Project Location: Cambridge, MA