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Team Name: PreserveAir

IDEAS Project Pitch: Every year billions of dollars of produce is wasted. Deterioration of produce starts as soon as a crop is harvested and continues throughout the supply chain. PreserveAir’s solution is to provide ideal climate field storage and transport services to farmers. To accomplish this, PreserveAir has developed an energy efficient cooling trailer that enables farmers to minimize dehydration losses and improve fruit quality, while simultaneously improving farm operations during harvest. Our trailer was designed with the farmer in mind; we maintain an ideal climate while allowing the doors on the trailer to remain open during harvest so harvested crops can be placed inside without increasing the harvesting process time and solar panels on the roof means produce remains free of any toxic exhaust.

PreserveAir maintains the trailers and contracts with truck owners and drivers to provide an end-to-end solution. Growers are charged on a per truckload basis, eliminating the need for any expensive capital expenditures, while allowing farms to scale service amounts to meet changing yields throughout the harvest seasons.

Sectors: Agriculture & Food

Project Location: Coastal region of Peru