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Team Name: Animo

IDEAS Project Pitch: There are an estimated 700,000 Parkinson's patients with hand tremors in the US. The current treatment options for Parkinson's include expensive deep brain stimulation surgery and harmful medications. Animo is an affordable, non-invasive wristband that stops hand tremors using vibrations to stimulate sensory neurons in the wrist, tricking the brain into thinking that the hand is already tremoring.

So far we have successfully eliminated tremors in two test users (>94% reduction) and have received enormous outreach, support, and enthusiasm from local Parkinson’s patients.

In much of the world, people work with their hands and are unable to earn a living if their tremors are too severe. Our device is a much more affordable alternative to existing pharmaceutical treatments and will enable tremor patients worldwide to regain their lost lifestyle and livelihood.

Sectors: Health & Medical

Project Location: Boston, MA, USA