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Team Name: Ecovarr

IDEAS Project Pitch: Ecovarr is a platform connecting consumers with environmentally sustainable food producers and distributors, starting in the Boston area. Our goal is to encourage people to take the next step to become environmentally friendly by making it simple and inexpensive. We plan to do this in two ways, both of which work to remove the barrier between food consumers and organizations through education and information. The first method is creating intuitive and implementable sustainability standards for food-related companies and non-profits (farms, restaurants, cafes, etc.) that combine, clarify, and elevate current standards and definitions. The second is a series of blog posts targeted at a younger (18-35) consumer demographic to inform the audience about various sustainability topics, including defining common terms like organic and natural, revealing common misconceptions, and showing the small things everyone can do to make his or her daily life better for the environment through simple actions. Parallel to these blog posts, a list of recommendations will be produced for different types of consumers to encourage sustainability as defined by the Ecovarr standards.

Sectors: Agriculture & Food

Project Location: Boston, USA