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Team Name: Polimorphic

IDEAS Project Pitch: The American voter is stranded by a backhanded political system rife with misinformation. We immerse Americans into a world of facts and analysis straight from the source. We make it incredibly easy to track your political representatives and key political issues (everything from healthcare to the national budget).

What exactly do you get when you join with an account on As of now, we provide a daily email digest which provides a brief snapshot of everything your representatives did and activity on the key issues you care about along with a news feed which provides every single thing by your reps and on your issues.

This is all built on top of a system of trust and a system free of bias. We mine government data, centralize it, and build all our services on top of this ground truth.

This is more than just a standard information source. We envision adding true interactivity to politics by enabling activism, conversations with your politicians, visualizing campaign finance, and more.

Unbiased. Comprehensive. Immersive. We’re building the gold standard of political information. Polimorphic is your personalized political universe.

Sectors: Finance & Entrepreneurship, Other

Project Location: Boston USA