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Team Name: FarmCrew

IDEAS Project Pitch: FarmCrew offers a digital platform to connect smallholder farmers to low cost finance and shared technology services via a cooperative model. Our solution provides area-yield insurance and post-harvest market linkage via a cooperative model that enables scalability, reduce cost and dilute risk. Our strategy creates a market pull that helps to generate demand using the cooperative model and leveraging market facilitators. We are partnering with third party services in providing insurance cover to provide comfort for the investors, and integrated warehouse providers to sustain product availability and prevent wastages. By working with farmers’ cooperative, we are able to aggregate services, achieve scale, reduce cost and dilute risk. The service is funded through investments sourced from social investors. Our business model is based on the shared farm ownership we create for farmers to scale. Thus, at harvest, profit is shared fairly between FarmCrew, Farmers, Investors and Market Facilitators. FarmCrew empower farmers to feed the world, increase the margins and enable them to have a decent livelihood while investors earn positive returns on their social impact investment.

Sectors: Agriculture & Food, Finance & Entrepreneurship

Project Location: Kaduna, Nigeria