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School of The Future Round 3

Team Name: School of The Future

IDEAS Project Pitch: The School of The Future is a educational institution in the Republic of North Macedonia that believes everyone can achieve their full potential, given the right guidance and inspiration. With our belief in mind, we aim to provide individualized education to everyone. Our name is based on our prediction that widespread individualized education in the future will be a necessity for the economy. We are anticipating this necessity because due to the current rapid technological progress, work in the future will be synonymous with learning, so every student will be a lifelong student. Thus, we propose a visionary framework for manifesting our beliefs. Our framework is based on working directly with local teachers, parents, and administrators, to provide a learning environment where students will be inspired to teach other students, in turn creating an educational ecosystem of student-mentors. As a proof of concept we have initiated such a ecosystem amongst the brightest high school STEM Olympiad competitors in North Macedonia. This ecosystem currently brings together 100 students, mentors, and administrators, in a form of an official after-school specialized program. Our upcoming efforts are to expand this ecosystem and make it tighter by founding an official government accredited high school.

Sectors: Education & Training

Project Location: Skopje, North Macedonia